Windfall in your pocket

Just a short article here linking to an interesting slideshow found by our chairman Richie Fraser. Believe it or not, there are millions of coins in circulation right now that are worth far more than their face value. The slideshow rounds-up some of the most valuable UK, European and US… Continue reading

The new 12-sided £1 coin

Original article on What coin is changing, and when? The Royal Mint is issuing a 12-sided £1 coin resembling the old three-penny bit which will enter circulation in March, 2017. At the moment there are no other plans to change any other circulating coins but Her Majesty’s Treasury and The Royal Mint keep the specifications and denominational mix of UK… Continue reading

Mintage figures for modern coins

Original article on Have I just found a rare coin? It’s a question which collectors ask daily, and to help answer it, Change Checker have put together these charts listing each coin in order of its rarity. The Northern Ireland 2002 Commonwealth Games is the rarest £2 coin currently in circulation – in fact, the four designs… Continue reading

Fighting the fake £2 coins

Article originally posted on Change Checker website £2 coins were introduced in 1998 to prevent against counterfeiting and were the first bi-metallic coins to enter circulation in the UK. £2 coins were first issued into circulation in 1998 Made with two different metal components, £2 coins are very complicated to manufacture and very difficult to counterfeit… or so… Continue reading